liam irwin massage therapist in fraserhood

Liam is a Registered Massage Therapist and an NIS practitioner. He graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy’s 3000 hour program and holds a psychology BA from the University of British Columbia.

As a massage therapist, Liam incorporates a wide range of therapeutic techniques into his treatments, including Swedish, trigger point, and deep tissue massage. He also integrates more specific musculoskeletal modalities, such as active strengthening and stretching, and Dermoneuromodulation. Liam’s goal is to facilitate greater ease, flow and freedom for his patients – by supporting the release of tension and pain, and by optimizing movement.

Liam is delighted to practice in his hometown and lives in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood. He loves hiking, snowboarding and ferrying his tent-laden bicycle to the Gulf Islands for quiet weekends in the woods. He finds joy in attempting to maintain composure in yoga and stay centered during weekly meditation classes. He is a farmer’s market enthusiast, a blender adventurer and a closet-Kombucha brew-master. His hobbies include whisking matcha, untangling the runner beans that are running rampant on his patio and hunting for huckleberries.

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