Carolyn graduated from Utopia Academy’s Registered Massage Therapy program in April 2012. Her interest in the human body, and assisting in the healing process of others, stemmed from a battle with a life threatening illness 10 years ago. Carolyn experienced the benefits of massage therapy and its effect on healing illness as well as post-surgical injury. Her greatest learning during her own healing process was discovering how connected the whole body is, and how the body holds not only pain, but stress and emotion. Using this understanding, Carolyn strives to improve the condition of the whole body, and not just one muscle. She incorporates many techniques into her treatments such as myofascial release, trigger point release, stretching, deep tissue, joint mobilizations, as well as swedish massage to encourage the healing process.

Carolyn enjoys working with patients of all ages and conditions. Although her personal interest lies in treating patients managing illness, she also has experience working with back pain, headaches, pregnancy, arthritis, strains, sprains and postural abnormalities.