To help maintain a safe and functioning environment for both our patients and our staff, we have implemented a few new policies and procedures. Every patient is required to complete an intake form regarding our new policies and confirming their health status before we will be able to see them at Honey + Garlic! This form will only be valid for 3 days, apologies but you will need to fill out each time.


What we expect from you:

  • Please arrive no more than 5 mins early for your appointment time. We will be limiting the number of people allowed in the reception area at a time. Alternatively, you could wait in your car or outside if the weather permits. Also, please arrive unaccompanied, unless you are a minor or require assistance.
  • Please bring and wear a mask at all times while in the clinic (if there is an issue with wearing a mask during treatment that will be discussed with your therapist). If you forget to bring your own mask, a disposable one can be provided for you.
  • It is important to avoid touching our faces during this time, particularly our eyes, mouth and nose, as coronavirus can be spread by touch. As such we suggest using a tissue, which we will provide, if an itch must be addressed, and we will do the same. Masks will also help with this for many.
  • We have placed a number of bottles of hand sanitizer around the clinic, so please feel free to use them. There is also a sink in the hallway where you can wash your hands upon arrival and before you leave.
  • If you need to cancel your appointment due to illness, please give us a much notice as you possibly can! No-shows will still be subject to a late-cancellation fee.
  • Please practice social distancing as much as possible in our hallways and common areas, and follow the taped markers on the floor, and take note of any displayed signs.
  • We will continue to directly bill ICBC and your private insurers as before, however to reduce exposure for our receptionist, we would prefer that payments be done through Jane Payments via a credit card on file. If this is an issue for you please call us prior to your appointment to let us know.
  • We would like to reduce the amount of non-treatment transactions between our staff and patients as much as possible, as such we will only provide emailed receipts, we ask that all intake forms and appointment scheduling be done online, and if you have any questions for the receptionist a phone call or email is preferred.
  • Unfortunately, for the time being we cannot allow your canine buddies into the clinic (unless they are your service dog of course).
  • We will continue to have a water fountain at the front, however, we do ask that you limit use of it and be careful to put your cup in the garbage after use. Furthermore, please do not bring any food or personal drinks into the clinic at this time, with the exception of water bottles with lids.
  • If there are any policies or procedures you are uncertain of, or if there is any further step that would make you feel safer, please let us know!!!
  • Upon your arrival at the clinic, we will ask you a few quick questions to confirm the status of your health and any potential contact with COVID-19.

Most importantly! If, in the 14 days prior to your appointment date, you have had, or are coming down with, a cold, flu or any symptoms of COVID-19, or have been exposed to someone with symptoms of COVID-19, or have traveled outside of Canada, please do not come to the clinic. Rest at home and contact your family doctor or medical provider as needed, or call 8-1-1. You can use the BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool to help determine your health status.

What you can expect from us:

  • We here at Honey + Garlic take the health and safety of our patients and our staff very seriously.
  • We will be taking extra time and care to regularly disinfect and clean all of our treatment rooms and equipment, and the common areas including all counters, surfaces and door handles.
  • As always, we will continue to follow all Coastal Health guidelines regarding the cleaning of linens, equipment, and of course hand hygiene with frequent hand washing.
  • We will also be wearing masks while in the clinic common areas. Use of the mask for both therapist and patient while in treatment rooms is preferred, though there are some instances, for example in counselling, where a mask can be a hindrance. In these cases this will be discussed between the therapist and patient.
  • We will follow all protocols put in place by our various colleges, and will update our policies and procedures as necessary.
  • We promise to be as vigilante with the status of our own health and exposure. Each therapist and clinic staff member will complete a daily self-assessment. We promise not come into the clinic should we develop any symptoms, or come into contact with COVID-19.