Since starting his practice in 2016, Malcolm has excelled in helping his patients manage their orthopedic conditions, both acute and chronic. Some of these conditions include: strains, sprains, broken bones, arthritis, headaches, numbness and tingling, radiating pain, muscle and joint pain. Malcolm is passionate about providing high-quality manual therapy, and is proficient in many treatment techniques such as trigger point therapy, prenatal massage, fascial manipulation, and joint mobilization.

An avid student of modern pain science, Malcolm is fascinated by the biopsychosocial model of pain and enjoys seeking out the latest scientific research! He’s also extremely interested in the relationship that stress, depression, and anxiety have with chronic conditions and persistent pain, and seeks to take these factors into consideration during his treatments. Malcolm likes to play an active, compassionate role in his patients’ ongoing care and recovery, and looks forward to meeting your specific treatment needs!

Outside of the clinic, Malcolm is an active collector of contemporary art, an enthusiastic foodie, and hobbyist game developer.