A New Perspective On Physiotherapy On Fraser St.

Passive techniques such as hands-on therapy can be awesome for temporary pain relief, but new age physiotherapy is so much more than that. Today, we know that people that feel empowered to self-manage their conditions do better. For this reason, education is the foundation of modern practice.

Whether you have new or old aches or pain, physiotherapy can help to decrease your pain and increase your strength and function.

At Honey + Garlic, we take pride in offering person-centred therapy sessions that are tailored to your individual needs. As research leads us farther from a purely biomechanical understanding of musculoskeletal pain, physiotherapy has evolved into a holistic and whole person approach.

Our In House Physiotherapists

Our Physiotherapists, Kelvin Tu and Ashley Jestin are highly skilled and work to help you meet your goals. They help with your day-to-day aches and pains and help you to improve your performance. We’ve seen Fraserhood clients go from a tentative first time experience to being confident with the care they receive from Kelvin and Ashley.

We Are Near You

With almost 10 years of satisfied customers in the Fraser St. area we have grown with the neighbourhood, with many repeat customers and local referrals. You can rest assured that our physio services will provide you with the utmost comfort, care and complete recovery.


Movement Specialists


Rehabilitation From Injuries


Active Rehab


Sports Related Trauma

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