I recommend anyone to Honey

I recommend anyone to Honey and Garlic because of their professional service they provide and warm smiles.


Leonie is great!

Leonie is great!


Best wellness clinic in town!

Best wellness clinic in town! RMTs, chiro, acupuncture, physio, counselling etc… Your one stop shop!


Leonie is incredibly caring, she

Leonie is incredibly caring, she will go way out of her way to accommodate my needs, and she’s just amazing at what she does!


I go here for massage

I go here for massage therapy. They are very friendly and foster a nice community here. They also have direct payment with blue cross if you are covered.


Wonderful, friendly and knowledgable therapists

Wonderful, friendly and knowledgable therapists. I had multiple successful massage and physio sessions. My gratitude!


I have been going to

I have been going to Honey + Garlic health studio for almost two years. It’s been great! I go there mainly for massage therapy. They ARE busy so I’ve learned to book early but there are cancellations from time to time and their online booking system is easy to navigate. My favorite RMT has to be Jessica Farrow. Her technique just works for my body. Her schedule gets booked up quickly which comes to show she is in high demand. My experiences with other RMT’s there have generally been positive. They are all professional and passionate about what they do. It’s just a matter of finding who’s style works for you.


All In One Clinic To Go

All in one clinic to go. Massage, acupuncture, chiropractor.. Everything’s there.


Ensures You’re Put Right

Jessica is great: very technical in her approach and ensures you’re put right. She understands why bits of you are out of place, and will explain what she is doing as she puts them back. I’ve been three times and she listened to my concerns, adjusting her technique to ensure I was feeling better. I’ve had many massages over the years and she’s the best. Highly recommend her studio.

Ray L.

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