Jadey-Li-massage-therapist-fraserhoodBorn and raised in Vancouver, Jadey has an inherent appreciation for health and wellness. Bridging her passions for science and intuition, Jadey completed her training at The Vancouver College of Massage Therapy in 2017. After completing the RMT program at VCMT, Jadey furthered her education at The Upledger Institute, completing CranioSacral Levels 1 and 2, and will continue to pursue all opportunities to continue learning and growing as a practitioner.

Recognizing the diverse benefits of the holistic approach, Jadey is committed to creating a custom treatment plan for each of her patients. She believes that it is imperative to recognize an individual as an interconnected system of mind, body, and soul.

Outside of work, Jadey enjoys yoga and meditation as a way to maintain personal balance and harmony. At home, she spoils her two rescue dogs, Murphy and Bailey madly with love and too many treats. She is available at Honey and Garlic Monday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday.